Energize and Reward Your Customer’s for their impact on your brand and your revenues.

Our solution works like a loyalty system combined with an advocacy system. Use our solution to track and reward your brand advocates.

Track multiple campaigns, promotions, sources of sales and traffic simultaneously. Loop Lingo’s analytics are the most powerful analytics on the market today.

Build your brand exposure organically by energizing your followers to do it for you. Track each user’s impact on your brand over time to discover the true lifetime value of a customer.


Promote & Engage

Our solution works like a loyalty system combined with an advocacy solution. Use our solution to energize, track, and reward your loyal brand advocates. Build your brand exposure organically. Integrate with your online marketing and generate more insightful analytics.

  • Generate Sales
  • Increase Brand Loyalty
  • Engage Customers in Brand Advocacy
  • Dive deeper with Better Marketing Insights

Loyalty & Advocacy

Loyalty and advocacy management platform of LAMP is the innovative new software from Loop Lingo used to promote, track and engage your customers.



You can add Loop Lingo’s Advocacy platform to your existing loyalty and CRM platforms or you can use Loop Lingo for all three: CRM, Loyalty, and Advocacy.


Points System

Discover and track each customer’s true lifetime impact on your brand. Your customers will hit key achievements and earn rewards based on their influence on your promotions that you offer them.


Reward Users

Reward user’s activity; reward user’s influence; reward user’s ongoing lifetime impact on your brand. Brand Advocacy Boils down to recognizing and rewarding a customer’s true lifetime impact on your brand.

Enterprise Grade

Manage thousands of promotions and campaigns across your entire product catalogue. Manage these promotions with a great deal of granularity and precision. Discover deeper insights about your sales and your customers.

Top Analytics

Loop Lingo Analytics

Loop Lingo’s solution is unlike any other solution because Loop Lingo can deliver analytics by brand, product, product category, promotion, and campaign.

Loop Lingo’s Social Media Analytics Measure:

  • Social Media Revenues

  • Brand Recognition & Friend Exposure

  • Conversion, Click-Through Rates, and Social Media Traffic

  • Social Resonance & Demographics

  • User Analytics and User engagement

Revenue Analytics

Loop Lingo generates Social Media ROI, tracks it, measures it, and delivers valuable reports on--yes—revenue! Loop lingo delivers detailed demographics on your products, promotions, and campaigns, and your customers. Loop Lingo empowers you to more accurately create focused objectives for your social media campaigns. Track social media revenues by product, promotion, campaign, day, demographic, geography, and more.

Brand Recognition

Loop Lingo measures the exposure of your brand on social media and narrows the focus down to demographic data for age group, geography, hobbies, and more. Loop Lingo delivers insightful analytics that show you the total friend and follower exposure of a specific product, promotion or campaign to help you understand your total brand exposure on social media.

Conversion and Click-Through Rates

Loop Lingo’s funnel and conversion analysis measures the effectiveness of your promotions and campaigns, giving you insightful conversion-rate analytics that show you click-through rates on the front end of your social media promotions on your website and tracks that traffic through to real click-through rates on social media posts, comments, and product links.

Social Resonance and Demographics

Want to know more about how well your products, promotions and campaigns resonate with specific age groups, geographies, and interest groups. Would you like to know the social resonance and the social impact of each product, campaign, and promotion? Would you like to know the degrees of influence that a product or service generates on social media? Loop Lingo can generate reports that show the degrees of influence and the linkages between people as your promotions spread across social media.

User Analytics and User Engagement

Want to know more about your customers? Want to more effectively engage and reward your customer base for key actions that they make to help increase your revenues and build your brand? Loop Lingo’s customer engagement platform empowers online retailers with the insight and tools to better engage and reward customers.

User Engagement

The Loop Lingo Points system empowers you to offer your customers powerful discount incentives and other promotions that they can instantly redeem at checkout.

Loop Lingo also enables you to identify, engage and reward your customers with Lingo Points (Social Media Points) as they spread the word about your products and your brand. Loop Lingo enables you to offer valuable rewards to your customers in exchange for their good word.

Lingo Points is the only solution that offers rewards to users based on the popularity of the Loops they share on social media like face book, twitter, MySpace, Blogger, and others. Each Loop represents a product the user has actually purchased. Nothing is shared until the purchase is complete. Each user can redeem their points at Loop Lingo’s network of merchants.