Loop Lingo’s Markets

Loop Lingo continues to infiltrate new and exciting markets with its patented software app system.  Since Loop Lingo utilizes the connectivity and reach of all current social media, it can be easily be integrated into nearly any market or industry—including retail, travel & tourism, publishing and general business-to-business.

Whatever market you might be in, challenge us to make Loop Lingo work for you!

Our Happy Clients

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On both mobile & desktop




The retail industry is already setup perfectly for the integration of the Loop Lingo software application.  Customers will be able to “Share & Earn” rewards easily through their social media pages whether it be during check out or just favorite items they find during their shopping experience online.


Travel & Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is always growing and booming—primed for the integration of the Loop Lingo software application.  It is so easily placed within the online shopping experience whether it be customers searching for flights, hotels, or car rentals to simply sharing a travel or tourism promotion.



The publishing industry can certainly use the help and growth that the Loop Lingo software application can provide and has provided for some of our clients already.  Online shoppers can quickly and easily share books they love, promotions they see or simply the online store itself on social media for points and rewards.


Business to Business

Perhaps the most in-depth industry we have infiltrated is the general market of business-to-business. Regardless of what your company does, more often than not you do business with other businesses and could absolutely benefit from integrating the Loop Lingo software application into your sales tools.