Monetizing Social Resonance

Loop Lingo increases revenue by unleashing the power of social media. Loop Lingo also measures how well your brand and your product resonate with potential customers.

Social Resonance Analytics

Like any marketing campaign you need to be able to measure your success. Loop Lingo analytics provides online retails with detailed information about the success of their promotions.

Lingo Points Platform

Lingo Points is the only solution that offers rewards to users based on the popularity of the Loops they share on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others.


Loyalty & Advocacy

A single customer holds the seeds of countless others. Discover and track each customer’s true lifetime impact on your brand. Your customers will hit key achievements and earn rewards based on their influence.


The Science of Growth

Accelerate Sales and know more about how your customers engage and interact with specific products and promotions.


What is a Loop?

A loop is a share with benefits. Your customers will share information about you and will earn points according to their social influence and their lifetime impact on your brand.

Lingo Points Integration